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Hindi Pre-Order


Due to the pandemic the Hindi printing is delayed. We hope to have it available sometime in the Fall of 2020. 

To stay updated on the progress, please fill out our Contact Form and we will notify you when the Hindi is available for purchase!

Our Hindi book has been 3 years in the making because nothing is more important to us than the quality of our translation! We've been lucky to have an extraordinary team working to ensure the Hindi translation is just right: maintaining the body-positive imagery, child-friendly accessibly tone, and medically accurate language. Our team consists of passionate volunteers from the Population Foundation, Barefoot College, and the Raah Foundation, in addition to, menstrual health facilitator, Purnima, and Hindi translation expert, Manisha Chaudhry.

We can't wait for Spreading Your Wings to serve to more communities!

Interested in Other Language Translations? 

We hope to inspire individuals and organizations to adapt Spreading Your Wings to other local contexts and would like to empower organizations to translate Spreading Your Wings into their local indigenous languages. If your organization is interested in exploring such an undertaking, please contact us via our Contact Form

We truly believe Spreading Your Wings is an essential body-positive resource for children, parents, and educators from around the world and can help menstrual health organizations ensure a lasting mindset shift from period shame into pride, dignity, and empowered self-love. 

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