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Want to enhance your menstrual health education initiatives?


Want to learn how to infuse your trainings with body-positive activities and explanations that foster self-love? 

Invite Spreading Your Wings author, Ariana Abadian-Heifetz, to speak with your community. She draws upon her experience as a menstrual heath educator and her expertise on social-emotional learning, gender, and experiential pedagogy.  

It is not enough to purely teach medical information about periods, nutrition & sanitation. Curing period poverty requires us go beyond providing resources and biological facts -- we must teach about female health in a way that ensures children fall in love with their bodies and deem themselves worthy and entitled to health care.

Health Talkies: Menstruation & Adolescence


Watch Swarnima Bhattacharya from TheaCare interview Ariana. She speaks about the need to dismantle shame & stigmas surrounding female bodies & menstruation, and discusses the importance of connecting with our bodies each day & to do so from the framework of pleasure.

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"Every person is entitled to grow-up feeling their innate value, dignity, and bodily autonomy. Each child should learn about their body free of shame."

-Ariana Abadian-Heifetz

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